I have been having Alexander Technique lessons from GMac for 24 years and it is by a mile the strongest tool in my business life. It also assists greatly with day to day family pressures.
Understanding and practising the A T gives me much additional energy, some additional awareness and a general feeling of well being that is truly amazing.
Without the knowledge of the A T , I am 100% certain that my A type personality would have burnt me out long before now. Don’t think it will prevent death but it has certainly postponed that event for me!!

John Murray

Four years ago I was looking into ways to improve my posture which had been affected by surgery. A friend suggested the Alexander Technique and highly recommended Gordon as a teacher. Not only has my posture improved hugely the Technique has made a great difference to my life and general wellbeing.

Gordon is an excellent teacher and his pleasant manner makes it a joy to learn the Alexander Technique. I very much look forward to my lesson every week.

Dagmar Förtsch, Principal, GLS Language Services, Former Honorary German Consul

Despite experiencing the skills and expertise of quite a few A.T teachers over the years,Gordon has brought to me (some one with a legacy from Polio) such an individual approach.This unmatchable A.T professionalism ( he seems to detect without being told where and when problems arise)is matched by his laid-back empathetic and kind nature.Gordon comes to my home to give me lessons, making my life (as someone who finds getting around very difficult)so much easier and brings great benefits – both physical and in mood lifting terms.Most of all, one is never in doubt that he is always focussing completely on the client. Even after experiencing A.T lessons with several practicioners I must completely, and with many many thanks, profess that Gordon is truly a “one off!”

Dorothy Crerar, retired Educational Psychologist

Learning the Alexander Technique has been a life-changing experience. Problems with back pain led me to the Technique; the way it improves all aspects of my wellbeing is what keeps me returning to it. In Gordon I found a teacher I could trust who inspires me to do my best with what I learn from him.


Gordon’s lessons have helped me so much that my amazed wife is now going to see him as well, and it’s worth every penny! I came to see Gordon after more than 30 years living with low back pain (constant low level pain and numbness with periodic flare-ups that would have me off my feet for 2-3 days). I’d tried the GP, physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractors but none of these gave more than temporary relief even though I followed their advice and regimens. I was sceptical, but the Randomised Controlled Trial published in the BMJ in 2008 persuaded me to give it a go. I now feel in control of my back and haven’t had a flare-up for 4 years. Initially I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get the hang of AT from a book, but it’s my body that needed to learn, and not my brain. You can read about alignment/good use but it really has to be experienced, and books and videos never really provide this. It’s amazing how your body learns when it’s actually shown how things can work. Gordon’s a great teacher, and I’ve benefitted in a number of ways, including losing weight! Words can’t really describe my debt to him, but I recommend AT, and Gordon, without reservation, which is why I’m happy for him to use my name and e-mail on his website.

Magnus Cormack, Clinical Psychologist

You can access information about the RCT on the British Medical Journal website, here:

After watching my husband’s gradual recovery from constant back pain, and seeing him literally become taller (and slimmer!), I went to Gordon feeling that I wouldn’t necessarily ‘qualify’ for the Alexander Technique. I had no pain other than the occasional neckache, but felt as though I was becoming stooped and hunched over and would like to improve my posture. The experience was so much more than I expected. Attending lessons has had a significant impact on me as a person; yes, my posture has improved but the impact on my mood and way of thinking has been the most dramatic and unexpected change for me. As a mum of two small children, running a business and frequently travelling, the lessons have taught me not to rush around but to ‘stop and think’ about what I am doing in all spheres of my life. I feel much calmer and less impulsive, a change that has been noted very positively by friends and colleagues! I would recommend Gordon as an Alexander Technique Teacher to anyone who is keen to improve their physical and mental well-being.

Jenny, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist

I underwent cruciate ligament reconstruction on my right knee 17 years ago aged 25, back then the ethos was cut it wide open and get in, not like todays keyhole surgery. Spent the next 15 years with a slight limp as I suppose I was trying to protect my knee without knowing.

…The only non-contact sport I could play to give me the rush I used to get from 10 years training at Shotokan Karate ( 7 years teaching ) and 5 a side football, was squash. As team captain, I play 4 times a week as my schedule allows. Then, 2 years ago I was playing our club no 1, and I had been really struggling with both my knees, trying to protect the right weak leg I was putting all the weight onto the left leg, with a result of a weak left leg too.

Then, both knees ‘went’ during the game. I laid on the squash court floor unable to get up and walk to the changing room, my good mate had to carry me into the changing room to get a shower.

I was well past listening to doctors and phyisos to stop playing sport, all the rubbish they spoke about me having arthritis and a weak leg.

My dad and family had been getting instruction from Gordon, so I went to see Gordon to see if he could help…

After 3, 45min lessons, I floated out of Gordon’s office feeling no weight from my body, never mind weight on my legs. He taught me to use the legs and body properly and to feel no weight on them. I was back playing squash immediately with my new found energy.

Just recently I had a back problem and was seriously struggling to walk never mind play squash, I had a squash match on the Wednesday so went to Gordon on the Monday and Wednesday before the match. I don’t know how to describe it, but he straightens out your body and gives you the energy that you should rightly have, I played that night for 80 min in the best match I have played in years, and got man of the match !

He also taught me to run up stairs using gravity ! if you have never done it you must learn this from Gordon, it’s amazing ! Actually running upstairs not using your mussels to lift you, but using gravity to pull you !!

I have since had various problems with tennis elbow and back pains, which Gordon sorts out for me every time.

If you have a problem and tried all your options to get them sorted and they don’t work, don’t worry, with Gordon’s Alexander teachings there is hope left for us all !

Gordon McCafferty is an outstanding, sincere teacher of body and mind mastery and should be visited without hesitation !

Andy McGroarty